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A JennAir® NOIR™ Design rangetop with pans and cookware on top.

Professional-Style Rangetops

Bend Fire to Your Will

Scroll to discover the RISE™ & NOIR™ design expressions,
 features, materials and configurations.

Sparks and particles on a black background.

Two Progressive Designs — One Defiant Identity


Discover two distinct design expressions—the classic and postured RISE™ Design or the sleek and minimalist NOIR™ Design.

A RISE™ Design gas rangetop with a grill and griddle.



Forged for an era of striking proportions, a bold defiant badge stands proud of the stainless steel.

A NOIR™ Design gas rangetop with a grill and griddle.



Sculpted in stainless steel, the NOIR™ Design Expression features an illusive defiant badge.


The cast iron grates of a NOIR™ Design gas rangetop.


Robust grates form one graceful surface, crafted to
 withstand heavy woks and cookware.

The chrome-infused griddle on a NOIR™ Design gas rangetop.


With our best griddle preheat, the chrome-infused surface cleans up well.
 Chrome lets you cook fast and prevents heat from lingering too long after.

The grill on a RISE™ Design gas rangetop.


Grilling knows no season. Our founder's legacy is rekindled as we bring
 grilling back indoors. Harness 16,000 BTUs of searing, even heat
coursing beneath cast iron grates.

LEDs glowing on the knobs of a RISE™ Design gas rangetop.


A halo of luminary LEDs glows softly when the burner is lit.

A lit dual-stacked burner on a gas rangetop.


Take control of precision-drilled burners with two symmetrical levels of flame that bloom to high-heat
 searing temperatures or retreat to a low, slow simmer at your command.

The ignition mechanism of the gas rangetop.


Burnout banned. If a sudden draft blows out a flame, intelligent Flame-Sensing™ Reignition automatically sparks it back to life.

Find the commercial style rangetop that fits your lifestyle.
Bend fire to your will with a JennAir® professional style gas rangetop or stove. Choose from 14 JennAir® rangetop configurations, including with gas grills, electric griddles and dual-stacked burners. Whichever cooking techniques you prefer, JennAir brand high-end rangetops are available in two design expressions, and with features that make entertaining a seamless experience. Learn more about our professional style rangetops and discover each style as you shop and compare professional-style rangetops from JennAir brand to find the best gas rangetop for your kitchen.
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