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An open JennAir® Trash Compactor.



Scroll to discover how JennAir® 15-inch trash compactors conspire to keep excess under wraps so you can entertain more and clean less.

Custom Panel Ready Design

JennAir® 15-inch Trash Compactors are panel-ready and accept RISE™ & NOIR™
 Design stainless steel panels or third-party custom wooden panels.

A JennAir® Trash Compactor equipped with a RISE™ Design Panel Kit.



Forged for an era of striking proportions, robust lines draw the eye and an asymmetrical, diamond-knurled texture wraps around a strong, postured handle.

A JennAir® Trash Compactor equipped with a NOIR™ Design Panel Kit.



Sculpted in stainless steel, the NOIR™ Design Expression features hidden lace textures, discoverable only by touch.


1.4 Cu. Ft. Drawer Capacity

There’s room to handle the cast-offs of all your exploits—so you can handle them less often.

Sound Insulation

Ample insulation helps reduce sound before it reaches the room.

Fan with Charcoal Filter

Activated charcoal and fan circulation keep unwanted odor from interfering with your sensory experience.

Explore Panel-Ready Trash Compactors from JennAir

Discover and shop panel ready trash compactors from JennAir. Whether you're looking for a built-in trash compactor or a stainless steel trash compactor, the JennAir 15-inch trash compactor will satisfy your needs with a robust charcoal fan to keep odors at bay.

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