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Scroll to discover downdraft, updraft, undercabinet or custom hood vents to pair with cooktops, rangetops or ranges from JennAir®.

The 4-inch modular downdraft ventilation strip.


Developed and refined by JennAir®, downdraft ventilation systems whisk away smoke, steam and odors. Installed into the countertop, these systems allow for unrestricted sightlines within the kitchen. Shop 30- and 36-inch telescoping or the 4-inch modular downdraft vent.

Features to obsess over

The 4-inch downdraft strip drawing steam away from the cooking surface.


Choose between 310 or 600 CFM blowers based on the BTU rating of your range or cooktop.

A telescoping downdraft ventilation hood.


Telescoping downdraft hoods extend from the countertop to capture smoke, steam and odors.

A dishwasher-safe baffle filter.


Aluminum mesh filters can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

A custom hood liner inside a wooden vent hood facade.


Hidden ventilation mounted to the inside of a custom metal, wood, plaster or tile vent cover for a streamlined aesthetic.

Features to obsess over

600 or 1,200 CFM Blowers

Pick between 600 or 1,200 CFM Blowers based 
on the BTU rating of your range or cooktop.

In-Line Blower

This blower sits inside the duct to help
 reduce noise in your kitchen.

65K BTU Heat Resistance

These luxury custom hood liners are designed to withstand heat outputs of up 65K BTUs.

Discover Downdraft, Updraft and Custom Hood Liner Ventilation

Discover the types of JennAir Ventilation Hoods available to you, from downdraft ventilation to updraft ventilation to custom vent hood liners. Whether you need a peninsula hood vent, wall mount vent hoods, or island cooktop ventilation, you will discover JennAir Ventilation that will help you create your desired kitchen.

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